Park Rapids Area Attractions

When you stay at Pine Park Resort in Park Rapids, Minnesota there are many fun-filled area attractions to visit, including: World of Christmas (Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park), Itasca State Park, Heartland Trail, Summerhill Farm, Paul Bunyan State Forest, Smoky Hills State Forest and Two Inlets State Forest.

Itasca State Park - Headwaters of the Mississipi River
Itasca State Park offers visitors over 32,000 acres and more than 100 lakes to explore, and it is only 11 miles from Pine Park Resort. All year long you’ll find special events taking place at the park; you may enjoy taking a walk through the wildflowers or listening to music under the pines.

Paul Bunyan State Forest
The Paul Bunyan State Forest is only 20 miles from our resort. Here you’ll discover over 115,113 acres with hundreds of miles of trails among pine forests, which makes it a perfect state forest destination when you are visiting the Park Rapids area.

Two Inlets State Forest
Two Inlets State Forest is located about 10 miles north of Park Rapids, and only 5 miles from Pine Park Resort. This state forest offers over 26,000 acres set in a gently rolling to hilly terrain. According to the Minnesota DNR, Two Inlets Lake provides good fishing for all warm-water species. And this forest is known for great deer, grouse, and small game hunting.

Smoky Hills State Forest
The Smoky Hills State Forest, which is known for its exceptional deer and grouse hunting in the fall, is a hunter’s paradise. This forest thick with hardwoods and pines is a short 10-mile drive from Park Rapids and Pine Park Resort. The state forest is located in eastern Becker County and extends across State Highway 34.

Heartland Trail
For the biking and hiking enthusiast, the 10-mile trek from Pine Park Resort to the Heartland State Trail is a must. Here you’ll discover a 49-mile multiple use trail between Park Rapids and Cass Lake. So whether you want to go horseback riding or mountain biking, you’ll find it here!

World of Christmas
The popular World of Christmas is now Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park! Located just off of US Highway 71 in Park Rapids, the Evergreen Fun Park is only 5 miles from the Pine Park Resort. This area attraction has been a family favorite for more than 30 years. The family-run business offers gifts for all seasons, plus mini-golf, bumper boats, go-carts, and the Evergreen Express train.

Summerhill Farm
Summerhill Farm is only 2 miles from Pine Park Resort and a treasured attraction in the Park Rapids area. The Farm is now in its 29th season, and guests keep coming back year after year to experience the eight unique charming specialty shops and the Sun Porch Restaurant.